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Graphic art in space
5° Course: 10 – 22 August, 2015

Prof. Kestutis Vasiliunas - Vilnius Academy of Arts, Lithuania
Assistant: Alicja Habisiak Matczak, PhD

A print can be "flat", two-dimensional - a simple, small picture to hang in the kitchen or on an exhibition. But if we look deeper into the subject, we will see that many contemporary artists use the print as a concept, as one of the possible ways to create contemporary art. What is very important here is not the "picture", not the theme of the picture, not the printmaking skills, but thinking in a "printmaking way". Why do I want to print my etching or woodcut? To make an edition? Or do I use different techniques to express my idea? I don’t create a "picture". Maybe I use the "picture" to create my art, my art installation. And I create not only a print from a plate, but a print from my mind...
So we may say that an idea is the main thing. As the final result of the course, participants will create art in space, installation with the use of printmaking as a method. They will create an object, a sculpture or even an installation in a given space. The space is very important for artists if they want to install their art in a gallery or in a public space, if they want to collaborate with it, not simply "place" their art in it. .
Artists will be given freedom as to the size and location of their works which may be small or large, may spread on the floor or grass or hang on a wall or among trees.

The created objects may be abstract or realistic. They may be printed on special materials such as handmade paper, fabrics, or other surfaces.


Akademia Sztuk Pięknych
im. Wł. Strzemińskiego
w Łodzi

International Art Centre KAUS Urbino


Stowarzyszenie Międzynarodowe Triennale Grafiki w Krakowie

Miejska Galeria Sztuki w Łodzi

Muzeum Książki Artystycznej w Łodzi

Centralne Muzeum Włókiennictwa w Łodzi


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